Boards & Commissions


Parks & Recreation Board
The Board oversees the development, use and maintenance of all Borough owned parks and playgrounds.

Kathleen Hallman, Chairperson
Linda Hufnagle, Vice Chairperson
Antonia Buck, Secretary
Mark Moore
Larry Tomkinson
David Hufnagle

Kathleen Fretz

Barbara Hufagle

Planning Commission
The Board is the guide to the development of the Borough. All regulations concerning land use are prepared by this Board and recommended to Borough Council for legislative action.

Rachel Swierzewski, Chairperson
John Larsen, Vice Chairperson
Marie Runkle, Secretary
Robert Adams
Walter Beard, Jr.
Ronald Kinsey
Barry Kuhn

Zoning Hearing Board
The Zoning Board, by use of formal Public Hearings and legal findings, may grant certain exceptions to the Borough’s Zoning Regulations.

Richard Brown, Esq. serves as legal counsel to the Board.
Matthew Swierzewski, Chairman

Donald R. Deebel,Vice-Chairman

Greg Castelli

Alan Frick

John Shelly

Historical & Achievement Authority
The Authority operates the Sellersville Museum, preserves and displays the archives of the Borough and offers programs of historical significance to the Borough.

Martha Steeley, Chairperson
Heather Davis, Recording Secretary
Corresponding Secretary
James R. Chrastina, Treasurer
James D. Steeley
Delores Leatherman
Brian Rox


Emergency Management Agency

Craig Wilhelm, Coordinator

Larry Tomkinson, Deputy

Richard Wagner, Jr. ,  Deputy

Industrial Development Authority

Barry Kuhn, Chairman

John Larsen, Vice-Chairman

Alan Frick, Secretary

Joseph Ellicott

Ronald Kinsey

Joint Recreation Authority

Jeffrey Markley, Chairman

Antonia Buck

Marie Howells

Frank W. Wenger, Jr.

James Miller

Frank Szymendera


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