Garbage & Recycling

Sellersville Borough contracts with Republic Services for household waste and recycling pick-up services.  They can be reached as 215-783-9329 for questions regarding recycling and acceptable waste. Additional information can be read by clicking on republic-services-waste-rules-flyer Sellersville residents are provided twice a week pickup for waste and once a week pickup of recyclables on the 2nd pickup of the week. The pickup schedules are by districts. Districts 1 and 2 have household trash pickups on Tuesday and Friday and recyclables are picked up on Friday. District 3 has household trash pickups on Monday and Thursday and recyclables are picked up on Thursday.

District 1: west side of North Main Street from the borough line to the North Branch of the Perkiomen Creek. (N. Main Street – even numbered homes; Longwood Ave.; Winard Ave.; Hillcrest Place; Newberry Court ; Barrington Court; Peabody Court;  Kittery Court; Portsmouth Court; White Oak Lane; Eyre Ave.; Woodbury Ave.; Noble St.; W. Church St.; Cherry St.; Maple Ave.; Grenoble Drive; Calais Drive; W. Walnut St.; Washington Ave.; Lawn Ave.; Maple Ave.; N. Branch St.; Elm St. and Arch St.)

District 2: east side of North Main Street from the borough line to the North Branch of the Perkiomen Creek. (N. Main Street – odd numbered homes; Twelfth St.; Jefferson Drive; Adams Way; Clipper Way; Franklin Ave.; Ninth Street St.; Jessica Lane; East Church St.;  Penn St.; High St.; Wert Ave.; Cedar Ave.; Green St.; East Temple and East Walnut Streets)

District 3:  south side of borough beginning from the North Branch of the Perkiomen Creek.

Refuse collection begins at 6:00 A.M. in the morning

You may place your refuse at curbside, no earlier than 6:00 P.M. the night before your scheduled collection day.  Household waste containers should be between 20-35 gallons and may not exceed 50 pounds in weight when loaded.  Multiple containers may be placed out on pickup day. Use only sturdy plastic or metal containers with handles and detachable lids.  Do not use cardboard boxes for trash containers as they can become damp and fall apart at the curb. Recyclable materials are picked up on the last pick-up day of the week in your collection cycle.  Recyclables should be placed in a recycle bin or a container clearly marked as “Recyclables”.  Any wood should be bundled (less than 4 feet in length) with nails removed.  Small amounts of construction debris from homes can be placed with household waste.  Size and preparation limits still apply.

For large renovations, building contractors should contact Republic Services or another reputable hauler for the removal of debris via commercial collection services.

Broken glass hidden in a can is a constant danger to the collectors.  Glass windows or doors must be taped across all areas and on both sides. Please do not put glass or long metal items in plastic bags!

Collection Days
Monday & Thursday – South Side
Tuesday & Friday – North Side

Recyclables Collected on Last Collection Day of Your Cycle

Paper: Newspaper, magazines, phone books, catalogs, cracker and cereal boxes, cardboard (flattened)

Glass: Bottles and jars

Metal: Food and beverage cans

Plastics:  Any household plastic bottles or containers with recycling #1 – #7 stamped on it

Place ALL RECYCLABLE ITEMS TOGETHER in a separate container clearly marked “RECYCLABLES”.Please remember to rinse items before placing them in the bin. Lids are acceptable for recycling. There are “RECYCLING” stickers available at Borough Hall you can place on your container, compliments of Republic Services.

What is NOT recyclable?

Pizza boxes (used)

Motor oil containers

Plastic grocery bags (your local store may take them)


Window glass or drinking glasses- put in with regular trash, HOWEVER glass windows and doors must be taped across all areas and on both sides for worker saftey!

Ceramics and dinner plates

Aluminum foil or foil pans

 Big Items
Bulk waste, big items; such as washer/dryer, furniture, etc. will be collected along with your second regular collection of each week- that is:
South Side – Along with Thursday’s regular collection
North Side – Along with Friday’s regular collection

There is a limit of one (1)  bulk item per week.

 Unacceptable Items

Liquid wastes of any kind will NOT BE ACCEPTED for collection.  All paint containers must be completely dry and lids removed. Household hazardous wastes (HHW) such as: gasoline, waste oil, non-latex paints, varnish, thinners, pesticides, drain cleaner, pool chemicals, bottles gas, car or truck parts are not permitted with regular household waste. Electronics and televisions (TV’s) are no longer permitted to be collected as regular trash under Pennsylvania law.  Bucks County provides drop off days for Household Hazardous Wastes (HHW) materials during the summer. Sellersville and Perkasie have periodic electronic waste collection dates through out the year. Check our respective websites for any upcoming electronic recycling dates.

 Holidays- No Collection
There are only six (6) Holidays upon which no refuse collection will be provided:
New Year’s Day , Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day

If you have any questions about refuse collection, please contact the Borough office.
Our phone number is 215-257-5075

The following link provides valuable information on acceptable waste and proper recycling republic-services-waste-rules-flyer


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