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Bucks County G.I.S. Interactive Map and Board of Assessment links

You can access the Bucks County Interactive GIS map by clicking here: Bucks County GIS Map

The map has a lot of information including tax parcel numbers and addresses.  You can zoom onto anywhere in the county, click on a parcel and get the parcel number, owner, parcel size and other data. There is a search function and  another that lets you measure distances. The G.I.S. map is a valuable source of data users may find of interest.

Another valuable link for tax parcel information is the Bucks County Board of Assessment website which can be viewed by clicking here: Bucks County BOA Home Page  Tax parcel information can be obtained by clicking on “Property Records”  at the top of the page and then “agree” on the next page that comes up. Information can be assessed by address, tax parcel number, or owner’s name.

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