Sellersville Borough Council

Pictured above top left to right: Kathleen Hallman, Marie Howells, Donald Crouthamel and Lynn Saylor

Bottom left to right: Vice President Alexander Potoczny, Jr., President Lois Dodson and President Pro Tem James Hull


Council Members

Lois Dodson, President:                                      

Alexander M. Potoczny, Jr.  Vice President:   

James G. Hull, President Pro Tem:                   

Donald Crouthamel:                                             

Kathleen Hallman                                                  

Marie G. Howells:                                                  

Lynne Saylor:                                                           


Thomas C. Hufnagle, Mayor:                             

 Borough Council, composed of seven elected members, has vested with it all the legislative powers of our Borough. All legislative and policy decisions concerning our community are made during the monthly public meetings. The term of office for councilors is four years and there is no limit to the number of years a person may serve. Every two years, on even years, Council selects a President, Vice President and President Pro-Tem to serve as their executive officers.

Borough Council meets the 1st Monday after the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM. Meetings are held at Council Chambers Sellersville Borough Hall 140 East Church Street.


Thomas C. Hufnagle, Mayor


Mayor Hufnagle holds the highest elective office of our Borough. The Mayor’s duties are numerous and include responsibility for the general health, welfare and safety or our community.



Eileen M. Bradley
Borough Manager

Office phone:  215-257-5075




Cheryl Zischang

Phone:  215-257-5075


Borough Solicitor

Randal White, Esq.

Office phone:  215-923-5200


Borough Engineer

Cowan Associates

Office phone:  215-536-7075


Public Works Director

John B. Snyder

Office phone:  215-257-5215



Bucks County Planning Commission

David Zipf

Office phone: 215- 345-3419

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