Revenue Sources

REAL ESTATE TAXES   2020                                 24.00 mills                                         collected by Borough Tax Collector

FIRE REAL ESTATE TAX 2020*                                3.00 mills                                         collected by Borough Tax Collector

EARNED INCOME TAX                                      .5% Borough/1%Pennridge School    collected by Keystone Collections Group

OCCUPATIONAL PRIVILEGE TAX**                  $ 47.00                                                  collected by Berkheimer Associates

PER CAPITA                                                                $10.00                                                collected by Berkheimer Associates

REAL ESTATE TRANSFER                                       ½ of 1%                                            collected by Bucks Co. Recorder of Deeds

OCCUPATION TAX-FLAT RATE                           $10.00                                                 collected by Berkheimer Associates


*Fire Real Estate Tax is collected by the borough and then distributed to the Sellersville Fire Department to support fire services.

**The Occupational Privilege tax,  also known as the Local Services tax, is $52.00 however, $5.00 is paid to the local school district and $47 is paid to Sellersville Borough.

Keystone Collections Group provides a dedicated, toll-free phone line for taxpayer inquiries: 1-866-539-1100.

Additional information for assistance from Keystone Collections Group can be found at:

Keystone Taxpayer Helpline

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