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Zoning Permit Application- Earth Disturbances, New Businesses, Fences, Sheds and Signs

A  Zoning Permit Application is used for earth disturbances, new businesses, fences, detached residential accessory buildings (sheds) under 200 square feet and sign installations. A Zoning Permit can be downloaded by  clicking on  Zoning Permit Application.

FEES: Zoning permit fees vary by application. Fees are subject to change by resolution of the Sellersville Council. Ordinances regulating earth disturbances, new businesses, fences, detached residential accessory buildings (sheds) under 200 square feet and sign installations are subject to change by the Sellersville Borough Council. Regulations and fees stated below are current as of March 19, 2015:

Earth Disturbances of 1,500 square feet or greater require an erosion and sedimentation plan in addition to a building permit. For residential applications, the fee is $450 and includes plan review and up to three (3) inspections. Commercial applications are $100/hour for plan review and inspections. As Commercial applications can be more complicated and the number of hours required to review and inspect unknown, the Borough requires a $1,000 escrow to cover the cost of plan review and inspections.

New Business and sheds under 200 square feet: Zoning Application fees are $100.

Fence: Zoning Application fees are $35.

Signs: Zoning Application fees vary by size. The first twelve (12) square feet is $75; each additional square foot up to sixty (60) square feet is $7.50/square foot and then each additional square foot over sixty (60) square is $10.00/square foot.

Further information on Zoning Permit requirements can be found below.

Code of the Borough of Sellersville Zoning:§ 160-118. Zoning permits.

  • A. Conditions for zoning permits. Hereafter, no building shall be erected, constructed, reconstructed, altered or moved; no land or building used or occupied and no land or building changed in use until a zoning permit has been secured from the Code Enforcement Officer. Zoning permits shall be applied for coincident with applications for building permits.
  • B. Application requirements. All applications for zoning permits shall be made, in writing, by the owner or authorized agent, on forms supplied by the Code Enforcement Officer, and shall be filed with the Code Enforcement Officer. The application shall include:
    • (1) All plans and data required by the Building Code and, when applicable, all plans and data required by Chapter 135, Subdivision and Land Development.
    • (2) A general description of the proposed work, its location and the use and occupancy of all parts of all buildings, structures and lots.
    • (3) A statement as to the proposed use of the building or land.
    • (4) A site layout, drawn to scale, showing the location, dimensions and height of proposed buildings or uses and any existing buildings in relation to property and street lines.
    • (5) The location, dimensions and arrangements of all open spaces and yards. Buffer yards and methods to be employed for screening shall be included where applicable.
    • (6) The number, location, design and construction standards of parking spaces and loading spaces, if applicable.
    • (7) In the case of any Industrial District or use application, a description of the operations proposed in sufficient detail to indicate the effects of those operations in producing noise, glare, vibration, air pollution, fire and safety hazards or the emission of any potentially harmful or obnoxious matter.
    • (8) Engineering details and/or any other information deemed necessary by the Code Enforcement Officer to ascertain whether an application complies with the provision of this chapter.

      Sheds 200 square feet and under do not require a Building Permit, however, they do require a Zoning Permit Application be filed. Sheds larger than 200 square feet require a Building Permit Form be filed.

      Requirements for Sign installations can be found in the Code of the Borough of Sellersville Section 160-85 through 100;

Requirements for fences as per  § 160-73. Permitted uses in yards.

B. Fences.

  • (1) Fences or walls erected within the required front yard shall not exceed four feet in height and shall be constructed in a manner such that not greater than 40% of the total facade of the fence shall be of opaque materials. Solid retaining walls that do not extend in height greater than the first floor elevation shall be exempted from this section.
  • (2) No fence or wall shall be permitted within the ultimate right-of-way line of any public street or alley.
  • (3) Fences erected within the required rear or side yards or in front of any building, but not within the required front yard, shall not exceed six feet in height; except fences to enclose tennis courts, swimming pools, playgrounds or other recreational area, provided that such fence is chain link, open wire or other nonopaque style, which may be erected to a height of not greater than 12 feet.
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